Tuesday, December 28, 2010

KGIC Keepsakes and Memories part 5

KGIC Maiko 1

KGIC Maiko 2

KGIC Maiko 3

KGIC Maiko 4

Of all my keepsakes -- and not just the ones from King George International College (KGIC), of which this is one -- this is probably the one that will be hardest to let go of. I'm not even sure if I will clear it out like most of the other photos and letters, to be preserved only electronically in a photo album.
So much work had gone into this, and there are so many memories embedded in it.


The picture's not entirely clear about this because of the lighting, but I think that's my khaki-coloured shirt. I still have that same shirt. After all these years, the bend in the collar has finally worn and frayed a bit, but it is otherwise still in excellent condition.

Crazy, eh?

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