Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Spring Cleaning Memories - thank you notes

After some career confusion following my long university days, I settled into an accounting assistant position, and four years to the day, left to take a career exploration course with The Transitions Program. Some of the staff who worked with our class then are still there!

Coming out of the Transitions Program, I set my sights on some sort of one-on-one helping-people type position, and looked into counselling. But it didn't feel quite right for me, and one thing after another, eventually ended up as an apartment building concierge in 2001, I think.

Looking back, it was the best place to start in this field. No building I've worked in since has compared to the structured way and generally team-oriented staff in that building when I started on part-time graveyard shifts. Many other buildings were outright dysfunctional because of really selfish or negligent staff.

Here's one of the thank you notes I got and held on to.

Bauhinia Concierge 2004 note

The note about opening gates: The cameras in the parkade were more extensive than in many buildings, and you could basically follow a vehicle going down or coming up, all the way to the lowest level. This meant that if I noticed someone entering or leaving early enough, I could keep an eye on the gates and open them in time for their vehicle to pass through without having to wait for the gate to go up.
What helped a lot was the ease with which we could open the gates, and that was a function of the particular (though outdated) security software.
I haven't really been able to do the same anywhere else since.

It was a small service I could do for the residents to make living at the Bauhinia a nice experience, and I was glad to do it.

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