Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trafalgar's European Explorer 2006 memoirs part 8

More assorted couples on my 2006 trip, a Trafalgar's bus tour, on an itinerary called the European Explorer.

Trafalgar European Explorer 2006-March-28

Now that I look at this photo, it's funny how the juxtaposition of short curly hair and dark sunglasses turned out.

Trafalgar European Explorer 2006-March-28

That's a red cow at a truck stop. I should've made at least one of them ride it. Somewhat appropriate that the cow has it's eyes rolled upward.

It was annoying at every truck stop required about one Euro to use the facilities. Sure it's for upkeep, but it felt like holding you hostage with your bodily functions. The Vatican City, at least, was civilized -- they even had signs forbidding donations to use the washrooms, if I remember correctly.

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