Sunday, January 2, 2011

KGIC Keepsakes and Memories part 9

KGIC Grace 0

KGIC Grace 1

KGIC Grace 2

KGIC Grace 3

KGIC Grace 4

KGIC Grace 5

From a very shy student at King George International College (KGIC), where I was a teaching assistant/conversation assistant between 2002-2003.
I recall trying to keep in touch with her through e-mail, and there may possibly have been an e-mail or two back and forth, but things fizzled out -- as they often do when there is a great physical distance between acquaintances who didn't bond into close friends before going their separate ways.

I don't think I ever did ask her about the Korean dollar and coin. I'm actually not 100% certain that the coin with the "lucky cat"/Maneki Neko is the one referred to in the letter -- a side effect of putting all my keepsakes in the same box.

She struck me as a very gentle person. I wasn't sure whether she had a crush on me or just felt safer to try to be less shy around me. In any case, her time at the school was soon up, and off she went.

Shyness is definitely a disadvantageous trait for an overseas ESL student -- it definitely hampers the immersive learning that comes from conversation. I think that was why her English wasn't as strong as it could have been for her time spent in Canada.

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