Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taste of Yaletown 2010 Wrap-Up

You may have seen my post on the Taste of Yaletown Wrap-Up or gotten an e-mail through Facebook for it.

I managed to get out to it that Wednesday afternoon, and was very surprised by the offerings and the generosity of the servings. You can see shots from the event on the Yaletown Business Improvement Association's Flickr photostream.

The setup in the limited space had each of the three restaurants presenting offerings for one hour each, and CIBC holding a draw each hour to give away gift certificates.
Other than the awkwardness of basically asking die-hard foodies to hang around for three hours, the setup was actually rather nice, with Fuse Pan Asian Express offering a light refreshment (Honeysuckle Chrysanthemum drinks) and appetizers (bite-size portions of Thai Chicken Salad and Sizzling Green Beans); followed by Society offering a small plateful of lunch (one small corndog, one gyoza pan-seared on-site, and a chunk of wine-braised beef with generous jus for a scoop of mashed potatoes); and Hub finishing with dessert (mini chocolate cupcakes with pink icing).

I couldn't stay for dessert, but the wine-braised beef had to be the best of the offerings. Tender, juicy, and just enough taste of wine without overpowering the meat.

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