Tuesday, February 1, 2011


After some of the recent heartbreaks I've seen among my friends, I was coincidentally reminded of "Believe" by Cher when a friend of a friend posted the video on Facebook.
Dug up a few of her songs on the theme... Say what you want about the facelifts, but she's an awesome entertainer with a distinctive and alluring voice.

Funny how the regular sailors are so much more uninhibited in their enthusiasm than the officers...

Love this video. In the latter half, Cher has fabulous, lush, wavy black hair -- looks like Wonder Woman.
Casting for the protagonist was also interesting -- Not taking the easy way out with a miniskirted hottie, but a tougher-looking shorter gal with strong eastern European features.
And in terms of storytelling -- her friend throwing up her hands at the end just says so much.

Sad video for a nice song. Could have had Cher's deep and striking voice come more strongly over the video. And although the Flashdance / Dirty Dancing rehearsals certainly make it hard to turn away, they could have tried a bit harder to make a more relevant video.

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