Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Election 2011 - Conservative Majority

The election is over and as of 1:30am Tuesday, May 3rd, the stats as reported by The Globe and Mail are:

166 Conservatives
102 NDP
35 Liberal
4 Bloc Quebecois
1 Green

Sad to say, we Canadians can no longer claim to be smarter than the Americans. We can no longer hold it over them that they allowed George Bush a second term, since we've allowed Steven Harper a third, and stronger than ever.

It took three elections -- that would be about $900 million taxpayer dollars -- but Steven Harper has finally spent enough of our money to buy control of Parliament.

On the up side -- The Greens finally, finally, have someone in Parliament! Just one seat, but hopefully their voice and vision will be more visible to Canadians -- though that might not be till the next election.

And the Bloc Quebecois will also finally quiet down in Parliament too, at just 4 members. Long have they had a decisive voice and vote, which was strange as they are the only party that selfishly watches out for just a single province. It'll now be interesting to see what else Quebec loses -- or if the NDP will try to buy Quebec's continuing loyalty.

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