Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strange encounter at the Land Titles and Survey Authority office

Out of the blue, ScotiaBank sent a letter to my father a few days ago, saying that the mortgage on his home has been repaid in full and that we should arrange for a "registration of the discharge" as soon as possible. They sent us a form to this effect.
It doesn't sound special, except the mortgage was paid off many years ago and my father has been dead for a while now.

In any case, I took it down to the Land Titles and Survey Authority office. The teller took one look at the form and immediately announced that she (speaking on behalf on the LTSA) didn't really care about anything other than seeing the form filled with an applicant name, address, phone number, and signature; and getting the fee.

It didn't matter that the mortgage was long gone. It didn't matter that my father had died. It didn't matter who I was or who filled out the application. It didn't matter that Scotiabank be advised when it was done. It didn't matter who paid the $30.05 fee. In fact, the teller seemed to try to joke about it, saying that nothing mattered except that they got paid, and even then, the money could fall out of the sky for all they cared.


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