Saturday, July 16, 2011

Almost time for Ice Cream

The weather's still waffling over whether to give us full-on summer yet, but with enough hot (or muggy) days, it's a good time to think about ice cream.

For ice cream on the go, I'm impressed by the smooth and creaminess of Bella Gelateria (at 1001 West Cordova,  at Burrard) in that exclusive estates waterfront region downtown. Obviously not as many flavours can be crammed into the small store as La Casa Gelato, but if you're a connoisseur of premium ingredients and can feel/taste the difference when something is made with the very best ingredients and elite procedures, then this is the place to go.

If you're at home or entertaining guests, then Breyers (not to be confused with Dreyers) is a good choice. My mom really over-indulged early this summer and bought several boxes of Breyers when it was on sale. So far, I've been very impressed by the not-overly-rich richness of it (sometimes, when something is "too rich", it leaves a fatty or heavy feeling that is contrary to a smooth after-meal landing), but especially with its ability to maintain creaminess -- fresh out of the freezer, it is still soft enough to scoop without bending your spoon, and you can easily bite into it. If you think about it, not having to thaw is very handy.
Many flavours available and box sizes are small enough that you can have several in your freezer without feeling like you needed to commit to one flavour because there wouldn't be enough space for frozen pizza (incidentally on super-sale at No Frills this week -- box of two (2) thin-crust McCains for a few cents less than $5).

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