Monday, October 17, 2011

Tasty but overpackaged promotion from Kashi

Over a month ago, I wrote about a Kashi offer by e-mail. It offered a sample bar from their new line of healthy bars, and featured a little come-back-to-our-website poll about whether the new bars were tasty or not. I waited long enough for it that I had more or less forgotten all about it. But lo! Last Friday it finally arrived.

The bar I chose from their Fruit & Grain line -- Peanutty Dark Chocolate -- has a nearly standard-length package and is 32 grams. This will end up looking a bit shorter than you might expect from the package. The layer of chocolate sprinkled with chunks of peanut is almost 5mm thick, so that's mostly what you taste from the bar. If you like chocolate, this will be a tasty bar without as much guilt from an actual bar of chocolate. Sweet enough to burn the back of your throat, but not too much. You'll want a swig of water after, though.

What surprised me most about this "Laurie Timms' Cardboard Challenge" promotion, however, was the size of the box. It's a nice little package, especially when you pull out the bar embedded in it to reveal a $2 off coupon tucked in underneath. But wow, is it ever overpackaged...

2011-Oct-17 Kashi online promotion

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