Friday, June 1, 2012

Less Chocolate Sauce at The Wallflower Modern Diner

Wallflower Modern Diner on Urbanspoon The Wallflower Modern Diner still makes the best chocolate cake ever -- rich, dense, moist, and you get a large portion for your money. But what happened to the chocolate sauce?!

I'd been to the Wallflower a few times over the last couple of years, and even dragged some of my friends there. Good eats other than their wonderful vegan chocolate cake included hummus melt, blackened halibut. Just this Thursday morning I went for a late breakfast with a friend.

The Wallflower opens at 9am, and by 9.30 am it was still completely empty when I walked in. Things got busy shortly after that, though, and closer to 10am, the restaurant was at least half full, with the buzz of conversation competing with the loud music.

Although it was breakfast, I wanted to save room for the chocolate cake, so I went with just an appy -- $11 Crab and Apple Cakes (crab, curry, onion, apple, peach, cumin mayo). This came as three cakes, each about 2/3rds the size of a hockey puck. It was topped with slices of grilled apple and peach, and there was a token salad on the side.
The cumin mayo tasted remarkably like peanut sauce used for satay, but without any crushed peanuts and not as spicy. The curry in the crab cakes I felt competed too successfully with the crab meat and the fruit, so much so that I could only just get a hint of crab and no sign of fruitiness. The cakes were also remarkably dry and I had an awful feeling they'd been overcooked to dryness.

The cake part of the chocolate cake was still a solid, yummy, rich, cake. The shape has changed somewhat since I was last there -- it's taller than I remembered, but the portion isn't as long. There was also only a drizzle of chocolate sauce compared to the generous pour that used to be on it. Maybe there was too much waste from before, but I definitely missed the decadence.

$11 crab cakes, $6 chocolate cake, and $3 mint tea from Mighty Leaf made for a pricey $20 (before tax and tip) breakfast/brunch. Sadly my dining partner, who ordered the meatloaf benny (a slice of meatloaf in lieu of crumpets), was too full to have more than a bite of chocolate cake, which I had dearly wanted her to try.

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