Monday, June 11, 2012

Taza on Seymour Street

Taza on Urbanspoon It was around 5pm on Friday that Posh Pudding and I were wandering downtown Vancouver, keeping out eyes open for an interesting food cart. She nixed the idea of Japadog, which was one of the very few that were still open. Somehow we ended going up Seymour when I spotted Taza. Something about the fresh, clean look of the exterior compared to its neighbours suggested this was possibly a new tenant in the building and maybe a new restaurant. We decided to give it a go.

I immediately spotted a couple of breakfast items (not listed in the brochure below), but it was too late in the day and apparently they weren't available anymore. That dulled my enthusiasm right there, but Posh Pudding persisted and tried to order a Veggie Lovers Plate. Oops -- out of spinach pie. So she went with the Chicken Shawarma Plate.

Maybe it was end-of-the-day chicken, but the shaved chicken shawarma cam across as a tad dry. And curiously, there was a clear taste of rosewater, probably from somewhere else. Otherwise the $8.95 Chicken Shawarma Plate was okay value as a dinner plate as you get a fully loaded regulation sized plate with hummus, rice, a bit of salad, plus two small pitas on the side.

Service wasn't unfriendly per se, but seemed apprehensive somehow. I expect this will shape up quickly, assuming Taza is as new as I think it is. Food selection was a bit disappointing at 5pm so I expect that they had intended to close up for the day and/or that area didn't see much dinnertime action.
They are open around 8am and the breakfast menu had items around $5, so if you're looking for an alternative to North American-y pancakes or eggs and toast, it's worth a try. As it is diner-style order-at-the-counter service, tipping isn't required.

Taza restaurant brochure front

Taza restaurant brochure back

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