Monday, July 30, 2012

Coffee for Connoisseurs at Revolver

Revolver on UrbanspoonPosh Pudding was back from vacation and all settled in, so it was time to go through the travel pics. She suggested a little coffee shop called Revolver (named either for the legendary Beatles album or because their coffee selection revolves over time).
Revolver is deep in grungy Gastown. It's a smallish yet airy space with a very interesting neighbour in the basement--Why Knot's Curiousities--that has, among other things, a fun unicorn costume in the window (from Josie Stevens by J. Valentine) reminiscent of Earth, Wind, and Fire for some reason.

Since Posh Pudding offered to treat, I splurged and also got a cookie to share. There were three types. One chocolate, one "power bar" ingredients type cookie, and a simple cookie with a bit of red jam in the middle. $1.75. No thanks to Starbucks, a single cookie in a coffee shop costs the same as a dozen cookies in a supermarket. They might even have been supermarket cookies for all I know.

Revolver is a coffee shop. I got a coffee.
But I was also painfully aware that I was desperately in the wrong place and not because of the off-putting high-school chemistry lab look to the drinkware. The small menu includes two "flights" of coffee for $9: One coffee brewed three ways, or three coffees brewed one way. The default way appears to be pourover.
If you're a coffee snob who can really can taste the difference in coffee beans and how it's brewed, then clearly this is a good place to go. For everyone else (like me) it's just a convenient place to go.

At Revolver, the chemistry set like glass reflects a chemistry-experiment style of brewing. They carefully measure every portion of coffee beans (yes, down to adding or discarding individual beans for proper weight). They brew your coffee only when you order, and use the slow pourover style. It comes in a small flask that has a lid so that presumably the rest of your coffee can stay hot while you savour the amount you have poured out into your cup.

At the back of the store there are packets of sugar including Rogers. Curiously, there appears to be some sort of epidemic at the moment where packets of Rogers brown sugar may contain barely any sugar in them at all.

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