Friday, August 24, 2012

100% Wild Fish at Finest at Sea

Finest At Sea Fish Cart on Urbanspoon Maybe because I was too focussed on the menu on Thursday, but it wasn't readily apparent to me when I dropped by the Finest At Sea food cart that they catch their own fish. The food cart is an offshoot of Finest At Sea Ocean Products Ltd., which touts their product as "100% wild, and caught by our own fishermen through sustainable fishing practices". They have canned fish, and if you want fresh fish they have two locations locally and one in Victoria.

My friend and I tried the naan-wraps ($5.50 each, tax included). There were two kinds: One with curried halibut and basically a coleslaw on top. The other a rendition of tuna in mayo, with some sort of salad that included a marinated seaweed.

Maybe they ran out of actual naan, or they didn't toast it enough, but the "naan" we got looked suspiciously like pita bread. Not a big deal, though.
The assembly is pretty simple: Fish on the bottom, salad on the top, and fold the naan around it. They do wrap it quite tightly, but when you peel off the wrapper to get a bite at it, the naan naturally unfolds. The result is that unless you have a big maw, you'll probably either get a bite of salad or a bite of fish, but not necessarily both. I recommend smaller bites to get the combination of taste. Besides, you'll want to be a bit gentle with how you eat these wraps as it's packed well enough that the naan can't be so tightly wrapped to overlap and fully seal it. Also, it's open ended, so too much pressure means too much of the tasty filling can get pushed down and ultimately out the other end.

  • The curried halibut was quite good. Enough curry to let you know it's there. No real heat to it, though -- more there for flavour.
  • The tuna in mayo was also rather good. A bit soggy, which results in a leaking pita if you're not careful (so keep the end wrapped and as an extra precaution, have your napkin right there to soak up anything that escapes). The seaweed was more of a novelty than anything that strongly contributed to the taste. An interesting flavour was the bit of soy sauce added -- and happily there wasn't too much to overwhelm the other flavours.

For $5.50, you got an okay sized naan wrap that was generous in filling (compared to the size of the naan anyway). In price and portion it compares favourably in portion size with a half naan wrap from Soho Road Naan Kebab (which is $10 for a full naan or $6 for a half).

Drawbacks include that it's messier if you're not careful, and (at least this time) the naan wasn't naan-ish enough. Other than that, it's a solid choice that won't disappoint. Overall I feel that the naans are well made and tasty, but falls just short of that special something which would elevate it into a "must try".
That said, one of the main plusses of the Finest At Sea naan wraps is the entry price. At $5.50 (price includes tax), you have a good portion for a light lunch and if you're a lighter eater, you aren't committed to a larger portion that might leave leftovers that will either get tossed now or be sad later. Many food trucks are now weighing in at $8+ for their mains, which, in my opinion, starts to get into the territory of is-it-really-worth-it compared to going to a restaurant for take-out (which, same as at a food cart, spares you from the additional expense of a 15%-20% tip).

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