Monday, August 6, 2012

Sloppy Chicken Sandwich at La Brasserie Street Food Cart

La Brasserie Street (West Georgia & Granville) on Urbanspoon The tiny VegFest 2012 on Granville this past Saturday featured a very long lineup under a roasting sun for Loving Hut Express. I didn't want to wait (yes, the lineup was *that* long) so instead I wandered off and finally decided to try La Brasserie's street food cart.

There's something about the food cart which has always dulled my interest in it. I can't really put my finger on why. Maybe it's just the colour and design of the cart, or the fact that they have just the one item -- an $8 pulled chicken sandwich.

There's lots to like about this sandwich. Except for the accidental large chunk of dry chicken breast, you get hot chicken slathered in tasty gravy. And you get a lot of it, plus a lot of crispy onions. The chef tries to squash it down so it doesn't spill all over the place, and it comes in a waterproof paper pouch. Remember to grab napkins because you'll need them. Their recommendation is to skip the mustard, and I can vouch that it's safe to do so and still have a  yummy sandwich.
Once upon a time you could have gotten it for $6.25. Now it's $8 after tax.

It's hot, so the thin paper pouch isn't really going to protect your hand too much. But it's not going to leave your hand red and raw, thankfully. More problematic is the fact that they are so generous with the filling. You get so much that it spills out just from trying to get it to your mouth. You'll probably have to finger out a third of the chicken and onion from the pouch after you're done with the sandwich. Grab extra napkins.

Other than the mess, it's tasty and feels fuller than a more neatly prepped sandwich from Re-Up, at comparable cost.

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