Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BC Casinos Food Discount

If you've received this mailout, don't be so quick to throw it out. It contains two coupons for $5 to $10 off dining at their restaurant, and it does not stipulate that you have to play slots or otherwise gamble at the Casino. It also doesn't say that you have to go in with a guest in order for your guest to use the "for your friend" dining discount, so theoretically you could go twice. According to guest services, you must accompany your guest for them to use the guest coupon. They also mentioned the coupon was good for the buffet as well, but I didn't test that.

Pay attention to the limitations: March 6th to March 30th only, Wednesdays to Saturdays only, Noon to 8pm only, NOT at Fraser Downs Racetrack & Casino.

2013-Mar-12 BC Casinos mailout

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