Monday, March 4, 2013

Late weekend lunch at Abigail's Party

Abigail's Party on UrbanspoonMy friend and I aimed to a late-ish lunch at Abigail's Party just this past Saturday. I think we got there around 1pm but it was still packed. About 15 minutes later, things died down considerably. If you want to skip the line-up, got a bit later. There's no shortage of window shopping just up the street to occupy your time, if you're not wasting it circling around for parking, that is.

It's pretty tiny on the inside, and if you go in during rush-hour, there's a chance you'll be seated on barstools at the sort-of-communal table, or worse, at the table right at the door where you'll get a blast of winter cold to chill your food every time someone opens the door. Try to be seated cozily inside.

There is NO brunch dessert menu! Horrors! Our lovely and friendly waitress Eloise tried to helpfully point out a couple of dessert-ish items, but honestly, it just didn't feel the same. She did look in the kitchen to see whether they had started prepping dinner desserts yet, but alas, no.

Mood Swing Scramble ($11.95) Roasted Bartlett pears, caramelized onions, brie, basil pesto

  • Their Scrambles are served with three half slices of multigrain toast, with butter, peanut butter, and jam on the side.
  • "Hash browns" can mean different things depending on where you go. Here, it's large chunks of what looked like deep fried potatoes. Each chunk was about 1/3rd to 1/2 the volume of a ping pong ball. Mostly pretty decent, but one or two smaller chunks were over-fried to crispy (which happens when you're waiting for the bigger bits to be done, I guess).
  • Overall this turned out strangely boring and rather disappointing. The ingredients sounded interesting and the bits were definitely in there -- pear, onions, brie, pesto -- but maybe they were just too separate or not enough of it, because mostly I tasted egg. I had more success fooling around with putting the egg on toast, with a bit of jam and just a bit of sriracha chili sauce that was provided.
It's a good sized plate of lunch so it's hard to argue with the price at least. Nothing really horrible about it, so I'm not letting this one dish score the restaurant as being so-so. Will have to go back for a proper meal -- with dessert -- next time.

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