Friday, March 1, 2013

Lawful Evil service at The Storm Crow

Storm Crow Tavern on Urbanspoon Finally dropped by this place to check it out. When I was younger, I was into the whole pencil-and-paper tabletop role-playing game stuff and it was a real treat to see lots of interesting items that make up the decor in The Storm Crow. Dungeons & Dragons, assorted fantasy, and a bit of retro style ray guns. If you're sitting at the bar, ask to check out the tin of Unicorn Meat. 200% rainbows out the ass from old unicorns, apparently.

The menu isn't on their website, but it is on their Facebook page, so it's probably best if you go there instead.

Chickpea Fries ($6) with sriracha mayo
  • Pretty big order for an appy. Definitely good to share or alone as a light meal. I think they can easily do a more manageable half portion for $4.
  • It's ground up chickpeas and doesn't seem to be anything else in there. So it came across as rather dreadfully bland.
  • Nicely fried. Think crispiness on the outside with hardly any oiliness to the taste or on your fingers. Came piping hot too!
  • The "fries" are big and thick, maybe a square centimetre in cross section. I think I might have liked them better if they were thinner and overall crispier. They are also very long, maybe 6 inches.
  • Easily broken with one hand (just snap it and twirl the end you have to break of the remainder) so it makes for a handy snacking food if your other hand is holding a book.
  • The mayo is HOT. Well, for me it was on the hot side of mild since I'm used to a certain amount of heat, but if you're not, watch out. Sadly, it was needed to get any sort of flavour going on this appy.
  • The concept is good but I felt the execution needs a lot of work. Overall, disappointing. Can't argue with the generous portion size, though.
Vegan Shepherd's Pie ($6) a hearty filling with mushrooms and walnuts
  • Came piping hot, including the serving dish. Had a token side of crispy dried kale leaves, lightly salted.
  • Pretty tasty, but no real flavour of mushroom or walnuts as the savoury sauce smothered the taste of everything else. I was rather intrigued by the ingredients, so I found this disappointing.
  • Average portion for the okay-to-slightly-cheap price of $6.
  • They serve mead. It's a type of alcohol made from honey. Doesn't taste even close to honey. But who knows, you may like it.
Service was either aloof or oblivious. It seemed that maybe everyone had their assigned roles, and they were probably doing their part... but nothing else. Honestly, couldn't you be a little more helpful to your fellow co-workers?
I was alone, so I was asked to sit at the bar. It was just before 6pm and the place was more than half-full, and would be nearly full by 6.30 pm. So I was understanding about the no-table bit. But other than the bartender asking me about a drink, no one checked on whether I was ready to order even though a menu was provided for me right away. And even though a few waitresses came and went behind the bar to get drinks or food orders.
After my meal, the presumably busy bartender prepped and left me with the handheld to pay by credit card. He was still out of sight at the other part of the bar when I was all set to go. A waitress was behind the counter but she didn't complete the transaction. (Why not?) Instead I had to wait till the bartender came back. Not a huge wait, but honestly, the waitress was _right there_. The machine was on the table with my card sticking out of it.

If you don't mind the Lawful Evil selfish lack of teamwork with the staff (which, sadly, could translate to rather negligent or slow service for you), then at least the decor is worth a look here. Even if you aren't a "geek" or "gamer", it's interesting to take a gander.

They have the one big table for reservations, but it apparently seats 12 and as it's a single big table, the reservation minimum is 12.

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