Saturday, April 20, 2013

Great Value at Urban Fare Shangri-La Grilled Cheese Bar

Urban Fare on Urbanspoon If you don't already know, pre-fab Grilled Cheese sandwiches are now available at Urban Fare Shangri-La. They do have a $6.99 build-your-own-sandwich bar, but now they have a selection of pre-made grilled-to-order sandwiches that have interesting ingredients like a vegetarian one with apples, and a "Carnivore" that has cubes of CROCODILE meat.

That said, can someone slap me upside the head the next time I order crocodile? I am such a sucker for strange meats, but it disappoints every time.
This is not to say that the Carnivore sandwich was bad. It's a nicely put-together sandwich at the high end of the sandwich offerings at $7.49. The thing is, if you're ordering it to check out what crocodile tastes like, you will be very disappointed. It tastes like chicken. It's white meat. Firm like chicken breast but the texture isn't quite the same. Just as bland, though. Do NOT buy this just to get exotic meat. Heck, don't buy it to get a lot of meat, because it's not exactly loaded with meat -- it's spaced out thick cubes and didn't look like ground-up meat (which is what you sometimes get when people sell you crocodile, such as in a burger). It tastes rather good because of the other ingredients, though.

If you do go, I recommend you check your sandwich BEFORE you leave the counter after they have grilled it for you. My sandwich looked fine and nicely browned and toasted on the outside, but it wasn't hot enough inside and the cheese was softened but not melted. It's possible that they can't heat it anymore in case the bun burns. Or that there is a regulation on how hot they can serve it. Whatever the case, check the meltiness of your cheese before you go and expect to be there 15 minutes minimum just to get your sandwich warmed up in their panini presses. This "fast food" isn't all that fast. (You can, however, get it to go.)

When I went in today, I also got a FREE small soup of choice, which comes with a free small pack of croutons. Free free free. Yay! It adds up to a nice, filling meal for less than $10.

There was a nice selection of soup, with irritating covers on the piping HOT soups. Once you flip the half-lid open, you really need to reach around and feel for the small handle again, unless you want to touch the lid, which may be not and also somewhat unsanitary for everyone else.
My recommendation is to grab a napkin before you head to the soup counter, so that if you don't want the hassle and just want to grab it by the edge of the lid, you can at least use the napkin to keep things sanitary and keep your fingers from possibly getting seared.

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