Monday, April 29, 2013

Mountains of Crab Legs at the Grand Villa Casino

The Buffet at Grand Villa Casino on Urbanspoon The Grand Villa Casino now has a $25.95 seafood buffet (HALF price if you used the 2-for-1 coupons that were recently mailed out). Even at that price, it's pretty decent value as they keep bringing out the crab legs and you can have as much as you like. Look around and you'll see that's what everyone "in-the-know" goes there for.

That said, The Buffet does have other items, including (big) prawns, a beef carving station, and a good-enough selection of more mundane buffet items like salads, rice, and noodles. The food is so-so but at least looks freshly same-day prepared. Not gourmet eats, of course, but nothing that looks re-heated either. The mussels did turn out sort of dry, so try to get ones with more tasty sauce on them. The soup of the day (mushroom soup when I went) was very thick and creamy and with chunks of mushroom. Stir fried prawns were largish, not juvenile shrimps. Cocktail prawns were medium to big sized prawns.

If you are in very early, slow down as they will likely still be bringing out various things, including more desserts and critical cutlery such as scissors for the crab legs.

Crab legs are very plainly cooked, so you'd better like plain crab meat. Watch for leftover water/juices inside the crab legs -- and don't wear white. Also, ask for at least one extra napkin right away even though they are rather large napkins. I didn't see any stations with stacks of napkins you can help yourself to.

For desserts, the stand-out item was ping-pong ball sized cream puffs, with cool, soft, white cream inside. Save room for a few! There were also some bite-sized cupcakes with a generous amount of icing on top. The chocolate ones were deeply chocolatey.


The Buffet is INSIDE the casino, so minors won't even get past security.
For now it's still a small place that doesn't an excessively long buffet selection nor a lot of seating, so you really want to start lining up around 3 pm because the staggeringly long queue won't quit from 3.30 pm (when the "dinner" buffet starts) till late into the evening. There have been reports of 3 hour (!) line-ups just to get in for a dinner seating. Fortunately, the Casino features a lot of free parking.
Something I do like about the seating is that if you are more than half way into the curved seating area, you can't really see the long queue, so you're not under passive pressure to hurry up, nor are you being watched by anxious diners waiting to get in.

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