Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pineapple Rum Ganache at Leonidas

Leonidas on Urbanspoon You may remember I mentioned in another post that Leonidas was extending their Hot Chocolate Festival offerings by making it a permanent addition to their waterfront cafe, rounding out their various offerings as a café in addition to being Vancouver's flagship Leonidas chocolate store.

I got the chance to try their Boho Secret last time, and this afternoon went back for the even more intriguing Jamaican Kiss (they were out of the special ganache last time).
  • Boho Secret - Leonidas 72% São Tomé origin dark chocolate (Claudio Corallo?), peppermint, tumeric, pepper, honey.
  • Jamaican Kiss - Leonidas milk chocolate, coconut milk, pineapple rum ganache.
The Jamaican Kiss was $7. !!! -- I know. BUT, it comes with a Belgian waffle, slice of cheese cake, or one macaron (normally $2). The waffle is probably the safest choice if you don't want to complicate tasting your hot chocolate. I've tried a couple of their macarons so far, and they are quite sweet and have intense flavour.

The Jamaican Kiss is quite an interesting hot chocolate drink and I do recommend you try it for the experience. The flavours do not overshadow the chocolate, but there's definitely pineapple and rum teasing you from the background.

The Boho Secret that I tried last time was mostly minty. Any contribution from the tumeric, pepper, and honey escaped my crude palate, apparently.

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