Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cold Balls at REEL Mac and Cheese

Reel Mac and Cheese on UrbanspoonThis was another food cart at the Food Cart Festival last Sunday, which I attended free of charge courtesy of my Elite Yelper friend who very kindly brought me along as one of her "+1" allowances. (You see how marketing slyly works? Being a Yelper has status at popular events and privileges you can choosily bestow on your unenlightened non-Yelper friends... So slave your way toward exalted Elite Yelper status! Am I biting the hand that feeds me? Yup -- I do this sacrifice to awaken you to consciousness! Let the scales fall from your eyes! I did get free stuff, though. <_< )

We started with just a sample of their "The Main Event", which is "Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese made from scratch. It's a smooth blend of five cheeses, butter, whole milk, and select spices combined with tender elbow macaroni".

I try to remember to judge food by how it tastes. This gets increasingly harder nowadays when ingredients are always listed because marketing gets its claws into things and they try to sell you with the description. "... smooth blend of five cheeses..." sounds impressive, but once those five cheeses are blended, what is your experience? Do you even care if there's only one or two types of cheese? Sometimes less is more and more is less.
Anyway, "The Main Event" was sadly unimpressive. Not buttery, not very cheesy (or the cheese was of a more subtle type and the full experience escaped my not-very-cheese-refined palate). Thankfully not milky-tasting. Maybe some people have a particular version of home-made macaroni and cheese and they will identify closely with the recipe here, but for me, it just wasn't tasty. And maybe because it was sample-size, it wasn't very flavourful either.

Nevertheless, I was still curious enough to want to try the "Run Fat Boy Run" - $7 for three balls of deep fried macaroni and cheese. An order gets you three balls each bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball.
They looked great and the exterior had a nice crunch to them. This arancini concept combined with the portion size has a good chance of delivering a filling meal for just $7 even if all that pasta and cheese goes straight to your hips.
Sadly, inside, it was cool, like it hadn't come out of the fridge very long. That just ruined everything and kept drawing my attention to it. Maybe it was a fluke with the prep, but in any case we couldn't bring it back to be re-fried because we'd just sort of dug into them to share and so that my Yelper friend could photograph the insides.
All in all, my experience was of course disappointing. The cool mac and cheese was tasteless too but that could be chalked up to the coldness and obviously no melted cheese flavour and goodness. If you order this, I recommend you immediately cut one of them in half NEATLY and check for doneness inside. If you cut it neatly, there's probably a better chance that the one you cut can be re-fried along with the other two.

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