Monday, January 27, 2014

Hot Chocolate Festival - Soirette - Granville Island Grocery List

Soirette Macarons & Tea on Urbanspoon #51 - "GRANVILLE ISLAND GROCERY LIST"
Inspired by the flavours of Granville Island, this is a beet and saffron hot chocolate.
Served with a Gjetost macaron.
Available: January 24 - 26, February 5 - 7

So last Friday I finally got around to going to my first Hot Chocolate Festival venue. I walked from the skytrain station, so I give the horrible traffic jam down West Pender a complete miss -- yay!

At 5.45 pm, the store was devoid of any customers, though a little later a few people wandered in. End of the day is a horrible time to go if you are hoping for a wider selection of fresh macarons. For the hot chocolate festival, however, it's fine.

The Granville Island Grocery List was a beautiful white chocolate drink with a red swirl on top. Quite sweet as expected, but I found the flavours a bit off-putting and had a "sickly sweet" feeling.

Q's Quarter had a completely different take on it, however. He really liked it, and found "layers of flavour" as he drank it. Maybe because I stirred it, I missed out on this experience.

Also, my hot chocolate came almost lukewarm. Q's Quarter also reported that it wasn't very hot. If you like your hot chocolate actually hot, I recommend you mention this to Soirette before they start making it, to see what they can do.

The Gjetost macaron was rather interesting. Gjetost is a type of sweet cheese, and makes for an interesting macaron filling. Savour this slowly alongside your hot chocolate.

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