Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cheap eats at The Patty Shop

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The Patty Shop has a storefront, but there are no seats inside. It's really just a take-out counter. No coffee either. Just milk, apparently.
Fortunately, there's decent coffee next door at the BakeShop, which has counter seating and apparently they don't mind if you bring patties in from next door (maybe so long as you get coffee or tea).

For $2 you can get a Jamaican Patty, which is sort of like a Pizza Pop, but with fillings that are a lot less messy, and a crust that is thinner and flaky.

I ordered the three most expensive ones: Vegetable, Spinach, and Chicken. Completely unimpressed. Taste was mediocre and nothing to write home about. Don't order those three (well, maybe the veggie or spinach one if you are vegetarian and dragged in there by you friends). Maybe something from their $2 line-up will be better. No bulk discount either, sadly.

What the Patty Shop is good for is quick, cheap, eats. Three patties stack up to a burger in volume at about half the price.

But don't drive all the way there just to get it. If you want to drive anyway, go to La Tacqueria instead: Less wrapping, more filling, and bulk discount if you get 4 tacos.

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