Monday, January 13, 2014

Chimney Cake at Transylvanian Traditions

Transylvanian Traditions on UrbanspoonKürtőskalács (chimney cake) is a fun twisty bread that you can just twist off from a spiral. You can get it at Transylvanian Traditions ($5.50 + tax = $5.78), but try to get it hot and fresh, or not at all. There's really no point in getting this in the evening because cold bread isn't that appetizing.

The ones at Transylvanian Traditions have a slight citrus (lemony) flavour to them.
If you do warm it up at home, try not to over-bake and make it toasty/crumbly.

Other items at this bakery are sort of mediocre, although the price for portion size is quite good, usually around $4 for a largish slice.

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