Friday, January 3, 2014

So big it looks empty at Lost + Found Cafe

Lost + Found Cafe on UrbanspoonLost + Found Cafe has high ceilings and a long room, which makes it look cavernous when most of the seating is way at the back. (Closer to the front there is some bar and window seating, but not much.) The rest of the space is taken up by some artwork on and along the walls, but the rest is blank space. Room to move and mingle if you're a  large group descending on them unannounced -- in fact, the website reads, "We can accommodate small or large groups with no reservations necessary and offer catering services".

For a quick lunch there on Thursday, I opted for a lemon ginger tea (for $3 you get a whole pot of it), and two of the savoury buns at the counter. Just ahead of me was a young lady agonizing over her choice of what to get. Are they really that good? They weigh in at about $3, and are between a baseball and a softball in size. Comes with an unidentified dip which may have been salad dressing.
Vegan options are basically limited to their salads.

Mumbai Mash Bun ($3.75)
  • Looks like a cinnamon bun and is about the same size, except with potato curry. Uneven with the heat -- you might get weakly mild heat throughout, only to bite into a hot spot suddenly.
  • Overall it could use more curry-ness, or maybe just more even spicy-heat.
Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato, Artichoke ($3)
  • Quite a very big bun. Soft and fluffy on the inside, but also rather moist. Easy to just tear it into chunks for dipping or enjoying with soup.
  • Where's my pesto and tomato and artichoke? There's something baked into the top, but it's contribution was severely lacking.
$10 can get you a reasonably filling meal here. Quality (of the buns, anyway) is lacking, but the portion is good and the items are interesting (or at least the stated ingredients are interesting).
The wide, clean space also makes for a peaceful oasis in what is otherwise a somewhat scuzzy part of Gastown. The emptiness makes it seem more inviting, especially if you're not into crowds and line-ups, but if you look closely, the cafe is actually quite busy around lunch time, with all the seats at the back taken.

Diner style order-at-the-counter with self-serve water, but there is basic table service (tip a bit at your table to appreciate your server) so you don't have to loiter near the counter waiting for them to finish assembling your order.

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