Monday, February 10, 2014

Hot Chocolate Festival 2014 - CocoaNymph Chocolates & Confections - Aphrodite's Delight

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I'm all for trying strange foods, so for the Hot Chocolate Festival 2014, I was keen on trying the one with potato chips and this one from CocoaNymph, with mango.

Made from 72% dark chocolate, with mango rosemary puree and almond milk (vegan and dairy free).
Served with a side of rosemary anise fudge.
Available: January 18 - February 14

Luckily I'd gone with someone because I found it kind of gross. She didn't, though, so she helped me finish it.

There had been reports of weak mango flavour, but when I got mine on Friday night, it had a sour mango flavour that turned me off it right away. I had expected a sweet mango flavour, but mangos can certainly be sour. That really threw me off. I bravely gave it a good go and had half my cup, but I could give it away, so I did.
I don't want to say it's "bad", but I do feel it could be an acquired taste, so go with a friend if you can.

The square of fudge was listed in-store as "vegan fudge", so I can't be absolutely certain it's the rosemary anise fudge advertised on the Hot Chocolate Festival website. Whatever it was, the fudge itself was okay but the dusting of whatever on the outside also quite put me off. My friend thought it was thyme, but it could very well be the anise, to which I have a slight aversion when it is too strong or direct.

Overall, it was very interesting to try. The other flavour offerings from CocoaNymph are all also very intriguing. If you don't mind rolling the dice on about $7 to get a possibly hit-or-miss inventive hot chocolate, definitely go to CocoaNymph for the Hot Chocolate Festival. This is the last week!

The other flavours:

Made from 64% dark chocolate with parmesan and fresh nutmeg.
Served with a side of Umami No. 5 fudge.
Available: January 25 - February 14

#17 - "HERA'S HABIT"
Made from 50% deep milk chocolate with malted milk balls.
Served with vanilla bean cinnamon shortbread. 
Available: February 1 - 14

Made from 72% dark chocolate with red wine reduction and apple ginger compote.
Served with walnut shortbread (vegan and dairy free). 
Available: February 7 - 14

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