Monday, May 26, 2014

Checkmate Caesar at Score on Davie

Score on Davie on Urbanspoon The famous picture has pretty much gone around the world, but depending on which picture you saw, your Checkmate Caesar may not be exactly as shown. The incarnation as of last Friday night was as pictured below:
  • roasted chicken
  • Score burger (certified Angus Beef, monterey jack, bacon, organic greens, tomato, horseradish aioli and grainy dijon aioli on a brioche bun)
  • sriracha glazed pulled pork slider (braised pork marinated in our pineapple sriracha glaze, avocado, slaw and jack cheese)
  • onion rings
  • chicken wings (covered in Frank's Hot Sauce)
  • a pulled pork mac&cheese hotdog
  • a brownie
The components probably add up to about $60, so value for your money is okay. There's food enough for two persons, three if you're all looking for just a light meal. Your drink is "included", so to speak, so dinner comes to about $20 to $30 per person before tax.

It's certainly fun to look and order, but overall I'd warn against it for various reasons, unless you want to finish it yourself, which is not out of the question, although there's a lot of caesar to quaff down.
  • Only one slider, one hot dog, and one burger. It's pretty pointless to cut them into three. Cutting them in half is best, or just divvy it up amongst yourselves. For example, if you cut the slider into threes, you'll hardly get a proper taste.
  • The burger is really the only decent thing there. Everything else is pretty mediocre. You can probably find a tastier dinner and dessert for $20-$30.
  • That hot dog was sad. Don't count on any major contribution from the mac and cheese. It's a good filling for sticking onto a satay stick anchored to a roast chicken balanced on a big glass, but as hot dogs go, it's disappointing.
  • Onion rings are onion rings. Hot wings are hot wings, except Frank's Hot Sauce isn't really spicy, so don't be too worried about it.
  • The caesar is also clearly a major component here. Ours came with a spicy pickled bean that was put in supposedly to add more heat to the drink. Whatever the case, the whole mixture turned off the two alcohol drinkers in our party and we ended up basically leaving it on the table. That's gotta be like $20 wasted right there.
    • Could be hit or miss, so bring some extra bodies who can handle at least mild or medium spicy.
My recommendation is to go in a team of 4+ and order it together along with other stuff to round out your meals. That way, it's easier to get someone to like something and finish it all up.

If you do go, look at the bottom of the menu for "a round of post-shift beers for the kitchen staff". Not sure what that gets you other than good karma. We tacked it on at the end when we paid, but you might want to order that up front. Report on your findings!

$60 Checkmate Caesar at Score on Davie

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