Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cheap All You Can Eat at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut on Urbanspoon AYCE (All You Can Eat) is not available at every Pizza Hut, so you'll have to ask around. One location that has it is the 4775 East Hastings (at Gamma Avenue) Pizza Hut.

This smallish place has booth seating and a small stand for their Monday to Friday 11.30 am to 1.30 pm lunch buffet. Not on holidays. And only $6.99! This kind of cheap is practically a public service!

Not much service to be had here for an AYCE, but that's to be expected. You will probably have to ask for water, maybe a whole pitcher of it if you are a larger party. I think they forgot to turn the heat lamps on high because we got there shortly after Noon and any pizza not clearly fresh from the oven was basically lukewarm.

You may also have to ask for less popular pizzas like Hawaiian and Vegetarian. Service isn't exactly ace as they are probably geared toward take-out and delivery, but it isn't surly either. It's probably just a combination of inexperienced and tired of giving smiling service to people who don't care. I recommend being nice to them anyway, especially if you want to have a particular type of pizza and it's the last half hour before the afternoon buffet closes.

The pizzas are small size and cut into approximately 12 thinner slices. Since it's AYCE, this actually helps you moderate your intake so you don't have too much left over. Even so, there is a lot of evidence that people "cheat" by eating just the toppings off the crust. At a sushi AYCE you might end up being charged for these leftovers, but not here, which is awfully nice of them.

Also part of the AYCE lineup was pasta, chewy breadsticks that my dining partner identified as garlic bread despite it not giving off any aroma of garlic, a simple "salad" of basically chopped lettuce with caesar dressing available, and a dessert pizza which was basically pizza dough topped with sweet syrupy chopped up fruits.

By around 1 pm the place was basically deserted. Lunch rush over, I guess, and no more screaming kids. Lots of parking. One hour is more than enough to make up for missing breakfast earlier in the day and dinner afterwards.

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  1. No more AYCE (All You Can Eat) at this Pizza Hut location