Monday, August 4, 2014

Double Dutch disappointing, sort of

Superstore is having a sale on various chips, including the Double Dutch line of thick chips from Old Dutch Foods, at $2.47 per pack (235 grams), maximum 4 packs at sale price. The product line has four flavours at this time: Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese, Burstin' Onion, Bacon and Cheeseburger Sliders, Calamari and Tzatziki. I chose the latter two as I felt they would be the most complex and interesting flavours.

As chips go, if they had been marketed as tasty, savoury chips, I would probably not have been so disappointed. They have the basics of being savoury and slightly over-salty, which tends to inspire addictive overconsumption -- which is what bags of chips are meant to do. But these have very specific simulated flavours, and against that benchmark, they fail:
  • The Bacon and Cheeseburger Slider flavour didn't taste of bacon or meaty burger or cheese.
  • The Calamari and Tzatziki flavour had a tangy zing reminiscent of what you get with tzatziki sauce, but no fried calamari flavour.
If you just want tasty chips, they are pretty decent, and the thicker cut means they survive transportation mostly intact. You can also see the flavouring dusted thick on the chips. If you are hoping for a chip specifically with an unambiguous flavour of cheeseburger slider or calamari, then you are down to the sad adage of "beggars can't be choosers".

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