Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hot Chocolate Festival 2015 - Mink - Don't Bug Me

Mink Chocolates on Urbanspoon From the same cafe that brought you the "Paula Dean White Trash Train Wreck" last year comes another novel Hot Chocolate Festival entry this year: "Don't Bug Me". Coconut milk 38% milk hot chocolate garnished with free-range dried crickets. Served with a 72% mini dark chocolate square. Available: January 17 - February 14.

Like last year's entry, this is not so much a hot chocolate with an interesting flavour as it is a hot chocolate topped with something odd. In this case, some kind of grey whipped cream (?) on which are sprinkled a few dried crickets. And you'll appreciate having something sweet to go along with the crickets because they are really horribly bland with a wheat-like flavour.

At $8.50 + GST = $8.93, it's pretty steep if your objective is just to try some dried cricket, but definitely good for the novelty and a story to tell.
It's also supposed to come with a square of dark chocolate. They forgot to give it to me, so be alert!

J of Vanbrosia also tried the cricket hot chocolate as well as the Baileys-infused Flu Shot (which, being an alcoholic beverage because of the Baileys, I declined to try).

The Hot Chocolate Festival runs January-17 to February-14. Plenty of time to get out there and try something interesting.

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