Monday, January 5, 2015

Curry Garden Burger at Biercraft Bistro

BierCraft Bistro on UrbanspoonSpacious restaurant, tons of beer, not too busy on a Sunday afternoon. I don't drink beer, so someone else can review that. The house-made patty was what caught my eye and being veggie-curious and starting to be meat-guilty, I gave it a go.
    Garden Burger ($13 +$1 mushrooms +$2 soup of the day) House-made nut & veggie patty, citrus aioli, onions, lettuce and tomato
    • As burgers go, the height and size of this one is on the larger side. Tall enough that you will probably not be able to fit it in your mouth.
    • Often veggie patties are fake-meat soy or some bean thing, so this one sounded promising with the use of nuts. A bit thin, but texture was good with the grilled crust. Sadly, the patty (and everything, including my mushroom add-on) was overpowered by the curry used. Which makes it more like a curry vegetarian burger. It's still a reasonably tasty burger overall, but don't count on nuts or veggies from your patty to make any contribution.
    • Nicely grilled bun complete with black grill marks but not overdone.
    • Tiny amount of mushrooms for $1. I had to open up my burger and look for it. Not worth it.
    • Medium bowl of soup for +$2 as a substitution for either fries or salad which are normally served with their sandwiches (normally soup alone is $6). On the Sunday I went it was a very thick and hearty stew-like curry lentil soup -- definitely helps to make this single purchase a filling meal.
    At $14, this burger is sort of good and bad. If you like curry, then the curry flavour might make this a nice burger. If you were hoping for a more gourmet experience with flavours of nut, veggies, tomato and citrus aioli, then pass. Curry is strong stuff even if you don't glob on so much as to make everything bitter.

    Aside from burger quality, $13-$15 gets you a decent amount of food, not just in the burger but with the +$2 soup addon. You can probably pass on the soup and go for the fries for a just-as-filling meal.

    Friendly, prompt service.

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