Wednesday, January 7, 2015

McKim Wonton Mein Saga (Kingsway)

McKim Wonton Mein Saga 雲吞麵世家 on Urbanspoon CASH only.

Went there for late night (9.30pm+) snack. There were 9 of us. Staff can speak English -- and not struggle-to-understand-each-other-using-hand-gestures ESL, either.

Other than overly crispy chinese donuts (and at 9.30pm you can hardly expect everything to be totally fresh, especially bread items), menu item were fine. Basically $7.50 snacks on their late night menu. Portion size is OK, considering you are not paying for any fillers like noodles or rice with each "appetizer" portion.

If you go with a few people and order a few things you can get a light dinner inclusive of one or two orders of congee or noodles for $10 including tax and tip. If you go alone, you will probably spend closer to $15 and have a more boring experience of just one or two items. If you go alone and get ONLY snacks with no filler like plain congee (rice porridge) then two plates of their snacks might not see you full at all after $15-$20. Definitely a go-with-friends place.

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