Friday, April 17, 2015

2015 San Francisco - Day 3 - Afternoon

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After making the rounds at the Little Farm, we paused for a snack before continuing into the nearby Environmental Education Centre. This was actually really decent, with its cave-like route of displays. A wooden lion in the centre of the lobby further occupies kids by being a kiddie photo-op. I almost missed the "petting boxes" at the exit end and their "mystery contents".

Of note was a stray chicken snooping just outside the Educational Centre, possibly on the lam because it was clearly outside of the animal pens and in excellent position to steal any unguarded food (celery and lettuce were the only foods any animals at Tilden Little Farm were allowed to be given by visitors).

Our time at Tilden concluded with a leisurely walk into the Nature Area, following a trail that followed a creek (with water levels so depressingly low that in many areas you could walk on the river bed) and led to Jewel Lake where a row of tortoises sunbathed on a log.

The whole park was chock full of kids, either home-schoolers, kids on break, or school excursions. There are apparently a lot of home-schooled kids in Berkeley, and a lot of the boys sport hippie long hair so sometimes it's hard to tell who's a girl and who's a boy. I think something is wrong with the latter, but anyway...

We were out of the woods, so to speak, in the early afternoon and my friend took me to Well Grounded, a little cafe in the burbs whose owners she knew well, in part because their kids played with her kids. The younger fellow at the counter that day collected Canadian coins, incidentally, but strangely seemed not to have heard of the toonie (apparently not properly spelled "twonie") yet. Happily I had one back at the Inn and before I flew home, I entrusted it to my friend Hitomi to courier it.

The day's outing ended quite early at 3:30 PM. Plenty of time to rest, but what to do tonight?

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