Friday, April 17, 2015

2015 San Francisco - Day 3 - Morning

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My Berkeley friend had called yesterday to plan out today. She of course had to babysit her kids, and the plan was initially Muir Woods. But that was a long drive, which could have meant ornery kids. So the new plan was Tilden Regional Park. She was picking me up at 10 AM at the Golden Bear Inn, so I woke up early today and went scouting for breakfast.

A friend who used to live in San Francisco told me about Bette's Oceanview Diner and how she loved their tuna melt. Sadly, that was not available till 11 AM, so I opted for their "famous" Bette’s Potato Pancakes at $11.95. 7:30 AM and Bette's was almost at capacity already.

The neighbourhood (which was neither ocean nor view enough to be "oceanview") reminded me of Granville Island, only cleaner, more spacious, and less peopled. Smaller and plopped into a residential area a stone's throw from industrial buildings. Gentrification? The next pricey Berkeley area?

Back to the Inn! My friend picked me up and we first went to grocery to get some celery and lettuce -- the only things you are allowed to feed the assorted farm animals (yeah, even the ducks and chickens) at the free Tilden Little Farm.
Tilden Little Farm is extremely boring. Unless you have kids, celery, and lettuce. Then it's heaven. The kids just wander around feeding animals. As long as they don't get a finger bitten off by a too-enthusiastic goat, you the parent are more or less guaranteed a stress-free time. At least till you run out of celery or lettuce.
If you are not babysitting: Are you honestly so bored in Berkeley that you can't find anything better to do?
Bonus: Just stand around and spy the farmhands try to rope a cow. It can be hilarious how they try to cajole the cow or hide the rope behind them so the cow won't know what's coming. It'll probably take 10 minutes and a dozen attempts.

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