Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cheapish tapas at The Hastings Warehouse

The Hastings Warehouse on Urbanspoon Sure, it's a $4.95 menu, but you get tapas portions. For example, you get about 10 small wings (plus token "salad" of a short stick of limp carrot and a short stick of limp celery) for that price; or about five prawns on baguettes and smothered with token salad.
So actually it is only slightly-cheaper eats because it will take probably two to four orders to add up to an entrée/main (depending on what you order). This is basically a drinking establishment where food is a snacking afterthought.

Of the items we tried (salt and pepper wings; and garlic prawns), taste was okay.

We went in at around 9:40 PM and the kitchen was so slow I thought they forgot our order.

Music videos were played louder than almost any pub or club I've ever been to. Don't sit across the tables from the person you are trying to talk to since you will only smear food on your clothes as you repeatedly lean across to faintly hear what they are yelling at you.

I think it is absolutely perfect that this place is just down the block from Wildebeest. Once you run out of money there and are still not full, you can wander down here and eat some more, cheaply on credit.

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