Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 San Francisco - Day 5 - Evening

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The two How Do We Fix Our Broken World presentations were today. One at 2 PM, which I missed because of Dylan's Famous Tour; one one at 7 PM, which I was going to miss having traded it to take my "host family" -- my Berkeley friend, her husband, and their two kids -- to dinner on the one night everyone could conveniently make it.
Some part of me really regretted it since I was unlikely to ever see what it was all about. Highlights of the exhibits were said to include "The gathering of the Forces of Light -- UFOs"! But maybe it'll eventually make its way to Canada, so I feel I made the right choice. But boy, was Crustacean the wrong restaurant.
Still, it was done and I could at least report back that I tried the recommendations given to me. And honestly, if I am given a recommendation, I do try to give them a go. Otherwise, I just wouldn't bother asking for recommendations. Speaking of which, CynEats has a slightly outdated guide (2014-Oct) on best places to eat in San Francisco. She appended the following by e-mail (which, sadly, I could only check after I got back from my trip):
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is MUST. They run out of things quickly and lines are long, so you have to go really early:
Tartine Bakery is also another famous spot for pastries. Come here for breakfast, then you can walk down the street to Dolores Park (Great view of SF)
For some BOMB sandwiches, visit Ikes Place. They are famous in SF and are also located near Dolores Park. (maybe you could go to Tartine bakery for Bfast, then head to the park, then Ikes place for lunch)
State Bird Provisions is MUST (if you're willing to wait in line), but it's totally worth it. The owners of State Bird just opened up The Progress (next door to it). You should definitely take this time to make a ressie in advance. Since they just opened, it's totally do-able. Or you can go early and grab a seat at the bar.
Little Skillet has the BEST fried chicken and waffles. I literally just came here this past weekend and was blown away.
After dinner, my Berkeley friends headed back, but there was still daylight left and I wanted to take in City Hall and the Civic Centre to have a more patient look at what we merely whizzed by during Dylan's Famous Tour.
I spent quite a bit of time looking at the magnificent buildings, the boulevards, the sculptures. I think most of all I was impressed by the sheer free space. In a tight metropolis like Vancouver, it's hard to imagine they can reserve as much in the middle of the city. But once upon a time, such sites were evidently crucial to nation. Something inspirational and awe-inspiring to be at its heart. You could walk into the square and immediately feel uplifted to stand up straighter for your country.

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