Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ferry Building Farmer's Market - Three Babes Bakeshop

Three Babes Bakeshop on Urbanspoon One day per week only (Saturday 8am-2pm) at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, which I visited during my 2015-April trip to San Francisco. Of course I asked what their most unusual pie was and was suggested their signature Salty Honey Walnut. $6 for what looked like 1/6 of a deep dish pie.

Salty Honey Walnut ($6 slice)
  • There is a slight eggy (?) flavour amid the caramel flavour.
  • Salted candied walnuts on top, giving an interesting taste combination of sweet and salty masking any bitterness from the walnuts.
  • Not overly sweet, but enough to give you a slight sugar burn at the back of the throat.
  • Amid the caramel flavour there is a slight eggy (?) flavour that sort of ruined this pie for me. Otherwise this is a tasty and interesting pie!
They really need to be positioned right next to some kind of juice stand for sheer convenience because after that much pie, you'll probably want a drink.

$6 is pretty daunting to pay for a slab of pie, but all their pies are made from scratch. And the quantity you get makes a good breakfast or light lunch, considering you can easily end up at a cafe paying $10+ for a boring omelette, and that's before tax, tip, and San Francisco Employee Mandate.

Tasty pies and a great deal. Look out for Three Babes Bakeshop on Saturdays at Fisherman's Wharf. Only one or two might be at the stand, though, so look for the sign instead of counting babes.

Get their business card to track your purchases -- slice #11 is on the house.

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