Sunday, April 19, 2015

Too early to care at Andalé?

Andale Mexican Restaurant and Bar on Urbanspoon If you are at San Francisco Airport (SFO) in the early morning, there aren't that many breakfast options to choose from unless you run around before going through the security check in. And once you are through the security checkpoint, there's even less.

Andalé Mexican Restaurant is one of those restaurants.
I was at SFO For a before-8 AM international flight, and based on the menu pictures, I gave them a go for breakfast.
Mistake. But beggars can't be choosers.

Morning really is only "breakfast menu only", which is a rather small menu. The ad copy for their Huevos Rancheros (Two soft corn tortillas topped with two eggs over-easy, refried house Mayocoba beans, queso fresco, and serrano salsa ranchera. Served with potatoes and fresh fruit on the side.) looks colourful and awesome and a nice full plate.
What you get is a sad wannabe of that ad copy.
It is also $10.75. Which, to be honest, is not uncommon for a similarly sad-looking breakfast in Berkeley or San Francisco. There are good to superb and cheaper alternatives in San Francisco and Berkeley for early mornings (like Tartine), but trapped post-security in an airport, you can't access them.
Taste is OK. It just looks like they didn't really care. Is it that early in the morning for you? Well, it is for me too and I slept overnight in the airport for crissakes. Work another shift if you can't handle the hours instead of giving your restaurant chain a bad name.

Coffee is $2.50.
And they forgot my coffee. I had to ask if it were self-serve because it never came.
No, it's not self-serve. And the person behind the counter even looked disgruntled that he had to give me my coffee (which I had already paid for). I was handed a coffee and the recycled paper sleeve to put on the cup myself. Thanks.

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