Friday, April 17, 2015

Off The Grid: Tri-Tip Special from Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen

Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen on Urbanspoon While I was in Berkeley, CA in early April-2015, my friend took me to Off The Grid at San Pablo Avenue and Fairmount -- a food cart fest featuring a rotation of 10 food trucks. One of the food trucks we tried was Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen.

Drewski's has an interesting menu with fusion creations and some use of fruits in their sandwiches. At Off The Grid, they had a "Special" ($9): Tri-tip in a French roll, with pickled daikon, apple, carrots, cilantro, chili serrano, and aioli.
  • The use of chili could blow it for some people, so watch out if you are not good with hot-spicy foods.
    • Instead of picking out the chilis, ask them if they can hold the chili because some chili seeds may still remain in the roll after you pick out the pieces.
  • There was sadly just an OK amount of what was really tasty tri-tip -- tender, moist, and in a sweet sauce. Pretty decent value for $9 -- this price considering that food trucks tend to be more expensive but you do not have to tip.

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