Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 San Francisco - Day 8 - Morning

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We are really spoiled to have YVR. SFO in comparison was annoying for early morning travellers, with very few services open and basically nothing open until 5 AM at the earliest when the airport wakes up -- not even the washrooms were open!
Only two restaurants started up a bit later in the morning, and maybe because they had the captive morning crowd, the one I went to (Andale) didn't really try that hard in courtesy or customer service.
Even the Duty Free Shopping isn't open till 8:30 AM, so if your flight departs before then, you'll miss out.

No Duty Free till 8:30 AM means I'll be airborne before I can buy that wine for my friend's contact in Vancouver. Drat.
Coffee from Andale was also way too strong. Dark roast? Anyway, it was too bitter and sour and I dumped the last half of it.

The flight back to Canada was as routine and uneventful as the flight to San Francisco one long week ago. No news is good news, especially given the number of crashes over the last year.

I'm home.

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