Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 San Francisco - Day 6 - Evening

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After Walnut Creek and the playground in nearby Concord (?), my friend helpfully dropped me off on Shattuck Avenue. I invited her and the children to dine with me at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen, but I think the kids were pooped and she had to take them home.

We also finalized plans for duty free shopping: I offered to get her friend in Vancouver a bottle of Napa Red, "not too cheap, not too expensive". At first she had wanted to get them even more cheaply from Trader Joe's, but I only had carry-on and they were bound to be confiscated by airport security. Drat.

My second last day and over half of it was gone. Dinner at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen was yet another Urbanspoon top-rated place that turned out to be just okay. Next time I go on a trip, I think I will stop looking to social media for recommendations since that tends to set expectations higher than warranted.
This is ironic because I contribute to those very sites.

Feeling quite stuffed after dinner -- for the first time in my entire trip to San Francisco and Berkeley -- I had a leisurely walk back to the Inn. Still grateful for the lovely weather and not having to tote an umbrella. I detoured to Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park but otherwise the neighborhood held no more interest for me.
I guess I was just about done with Berkeley, except for the eating. Same with San Francisco.

At the Inn, I stopped by to chat with Pedro, who was practising on his guitar -- he had been teaching himself how to play since 2014-June. He played a couple of tunes for me and we chatted for a bit.

In my room at the Inn, I started packing up my things, sorting out my receipts, throwing out whatever I could. I also noticed I was pinkish and sunburnt! I had worn long sleeves when I went to Tilden and Walnut Creek, as a guard against poison oak and other annoying plant life. But the weather had generally been so cool that I didn't think to protect myself against the sun. Duh. My head especially. (Come Wednesday evening I'd start itching, especially my arms.)

My time in San Francisco was almost done. I planned a walking-about-eating route for tomorrow in San Francisco, then slept early to try to get an early start on Tuesday.

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