Friday, April 17, 2015

Cheap eats and soda bar at Well Grounded

Well Grounded Tea & Coffee Bar on Urbanspoon
Prices in this open-early closed-early cafe in the suburbs are rather nice! Reasonably sized sandwiches and everything under $9 (some under $6) on the menu. Plus, a lot of vegetarian choices.

Not a lot of seats here, but in the 'burbs you probably don't need that many anyway. Three tables are in the room off to the right. Nice and clean space and they don't mind kids.

During my 2015-April trip to Berkeley, I got to try the Grilled Turkey Pesto Panini and the vegetarian Humboldt sandwich. Both pretty good and you get a good sized sandwich for your money, especially if you are comparing to what you can get at some breakfast places for $10. A light breakfast and lunch can come in at under $10 without drinks.

They also have soda and a wide variety of flavour shots to choose from.
On the menu there's a "50/50 Bar" soda using mandarin orange flavour and whipped cream (i.e., referencing an orange flavoured creamsicle); but depending on who you get at the counter, they may have experimented with their soda flavours, sometimes using things other than strictly flavour shots (like almond milk). Ask what they've come up with, and if it interests you, maybe see if they'd be willing to mix one for you. I got one that was meant to taste like Almond Joy.

Staff are easy going and friendly!

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