Saturday, April 4, 2015

Einstein Wrap House

Einstein Wrap House on Urbanspoon Tiny place with bar seating. Staff are friendly but maybe not so used to chatty folks instead of those who just order and go.

Nothing too special here except decent/not-great-but-nothing-wrong-with-it CHEAP eats: For $6.50, you can get a wrap that is as big as two cheap burgers. You can choose the toppings, including "everything", which will give you a decent amount of veggie in your meaty wrap but which will also cool down the meat in your wrap so don't expect a piping hot meal here.

Sorry to say, they are also somewhat lousy at wrapping OR maybe we asked for "everything" in our wrap and the filling was too fat for the wrap to be tight enough. The result was a mess trying to eat it UNLESS you asked for it to be cut in half.

TIP: Ask for your wrap to be cut in half. They will put it under a panini grill briefly. When I asked why, I was told that it helps keep the wrap together when and after they cut it.
Once your wrap is cut in half, you get to start eating from the middle and it holds together nicely until the very end, which will still probably fall apart on you, so try not to eat these things on the go or without a paper bag to catch the bits. You can probably get away with carefully peeling off the aluminum foil into a "plate" but it can be tricky. Again, eat this sitting down!

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