Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chewy Junior

Chewy Junior on Urbanspoon Finally made it down to Chewy Junior, the "puff" chain from Singapore.
The store is small but nicely arranged so that there are three tables of four seats. Plus a very clean washroom (can I give bonus points for that?).
  • Unlike a "normal" cream puff, Chewy Junior puffs have a rather chewy shell -- but not so chewy that you have trouble biting through.
  • Size is roughtly regulation donut size, but without a hole in the middle. Slightly bigger than a tennis ball, smaller than a baseball.
  • There is a topping on top which, to be honest, isn't A+ presentation quality, but OK and good enough to identify what you bought. About doughnut-quality toppings.
  • $3.00 for chocolate-filling puffs, $3.50 for the non-chcolate filling ones.
    • 10% off if you get a dozen.
    • Puff + coffee deals available in-store.
  • The shell doesn't change much over time, so it will probably survive unscathed for hours, unlike donuts that might be dryer or crunchy puffs that might get chewy through air exposure or gooey through slowly absorbing moisture from the creams.
    • This said, there's no telling how long the puff you are looking at has been in the counter.
  • A good amount of filling inside.
  • Your first bite will probably be safe. Thereafter, each bite will probably force the cream to come spilling out.
    • You can mitigate this by licking out some of the cream after your first bite.
    • You can be super-careful by tearing pieces off your puff instead of biting.
    • Grab a LOT of napkins if buy this to go. There are a lot of napkins available at each table in-store.
I tried the Chocolate Oreo Crunch and Matcha Nippon, and both were okay. Flavours not particularly strong on the Matcha Nippon. Overall, I feel the flavours could be more striking for an overall tastier product.

At $3.00 to $3.50 they are pricing themselves competitively with Cartems Donuterie and ManCakes, which is basically what the market will bear. Where Chewy Junior distinguishes itself is in the sheer amount of cream they give you.
  • It's a tasty product, but for $3 go for Cartems instead.
  • If you are willing to spend for a "wow" cream puff, go to Beta5.
  • If you just want something other than a doughnut or a cupcake, then definitely give Chewy Junior a try: If you are willing to sit down and eat it, Chewy Junior does have a decent product that's different and messy-chewy-fun compared to donuts and cupcakes.

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