Friday, May 29, 2015

The Mexican, Antojitos Y Cantina

The Mexican on Urbanspoon The Mexican is a small diner that closes at an unfathomably early time of 10:30 PM considering it is in the Granville club zone, unless you're going on Friday or Saturday.

Barrigón - Grilled Pork, Beef and Chorizo, with melted cheese and a secret salsa verde
  • Very nicely grilled meats with tasty burn marks. Quantity might be somewhat deceiving, however, as there's a rather big amount of diced onion as well.
  • Diced for your convenience.
  • Interesting sweet sauce! Definitely use some of this (but don't drown the meat, eh)?
Huarache de Carne Asada ($14.50) Homemade corn tortilla in a bed of refried beans, grilled top sirloin steak, onions, serrano chiles, your choice of rice or cactus leaf, topped with sour cream and feta cheese
  • I was curious about cactus leaves and hoping for Nopales Asados (grilled cactus leaves) but having walked in at just 15 minutes to closing, it was not available. Instead, the waitress suggested Huarache de Carne Asada with cactus leaf instead of rice.
  • After tasting the grilled cactus leaf (which was boring and also somewhat slimy in the mouth) I was glad I didn't get a whole plateful of the yuck.
  • The tortilla is about 5 millimeters thick and makes up the filling carbs part of this meal.
  • Thin slices of nicely grilled steak.
  • Green sauce builds heat a bit slowly in the mouth but is quite hot without being overly bitter. Once put onto the meat or tortilla and other items, it sort of disappears, so don't let tasting the sauce all on its own put you off from using as a condiment.
  • Sour cream and feta also kind of disappears against the flavourful meat.
  • Price for portion is okay, and considering the meat is very nicely prepared and tasty, it's a good price.
Price is okay and food is tasty. Under-$10 menu items available but expect a much higher carb:meat ratio.

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