Monday, February 22, 2016

Cheap bagels at Superstore

Whatever I might think of Superstore's lineups and sullen cashiers, never will I laugh at them again. They have dirt-cheap deals like under $4 frozen pizza. Lately, they've got 6-for-$3.50 or even 6-for-$3 baked-in-store bagels! When you compare a small burger from McDonalds's not so far away from them in Metropolis being $8-$10, it's an awesome deal for overpriced Vancouver/Lower Mainland and anyone with a meagre paycheque.

TIP: If you can't find the type you are looking for (or want them more fresh than what's sitting on the shelves), try going to the bakery counter and asking for bagels. Those are fresher and typically not squashed or squeezed by lame shoppers (not you, of course, right?).

2016-Feb-22 Superstore flyer - bagel and muffin offers

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