Sunday, February 7, 2016

Epicurean Caffe

Epicurean Caffe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Epicurean Caffe Bistro is a smallish and brunch-popular place with pretty tight seating (but nevertheless they take brunch reservations). Despite being really busy, I didn't feel rushed and was actually pretty surprised they gave us plenty of time to sort out our orders in between our endless yapping.

Pizza Buongiorno ($13.95) thin crust pizza baked with two sunny side eggs, pancetta, mozzarella & fresh arugula
  • It can come with a gluten-free crust, but they get pre-made crusts that they roll out and bake, and the gluten-free one being more expensive is smaller. I was highly encouraged to get the regular crust as it was bigger and tastes better. I should have gone with the gluten-free one to see if I got the same amount of stuff on the pizza.
  • Turned out to be pretty salty despite what *looks* like a light portion of pancetta/bacon.
  • Crust very thin, biscuit-crispy on the edges, and leathery to cut through even with the standard issue steak knife at every table. Probably wouldn't have torn very nicely.
  • Very orange egg yolks -- free range and organic I hope.
  • Overall nicely done, fresh tasting, and price is on par with what you pay for Neapolitan pizza nowadays (and the skimpy toppings is also comparable, sadly). If you want a heavier and more filling brunch/breakfast, get something else.
TIP: Important notes about their gluten-free fare, as well as trying to split a meal at the bottom of the menu!
2016-Feb-7 Epicurean Cafe - important notes at the bottom of the menu

2016-Feb-7 Epicurean Cafe - breakfast pizza

2016-Feb-7 Epicurean Cafe - breakfast pizza

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