Saturday, February 6, 2016

Morak Korean Restaurant

Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Morak is a cosy little place just off Kingsway. Shortly after 6pm it will probably be pretty busy, a situation which was made worse by their having just one server scrambling about. However, turnaround time for their food felt pretty fast.

A2. Corn Cheese ($4.95)
  • Shallow but wide sizzling hot plate keeps cheese melted and sears it where it contacts the plate.
  • Sweet corn and lighty salty cheese. Interesting and quite tasty.
A13. Seafood Pancake ($15.95)
  • Pretty pricey but presumably it's because of the seafood.
  • Kind of bland, so use the provided soy sauce I guess. Or just pass on this and try it elsewhere.
H11. Gamjatang ($25.95) Pork Bone Soup with two bowls of rice
  • Each extra bowl of rice is $2 (!) for a small bowl (i.e., not a lot).
  • Big pot which you simply heat up to boiling. For basically $26 it's not a lot of meat or content, (probably because you are also paying for the gas can that fuels the portable stove). Overall, not that great a deal.
  • Meat comes off the bone easily.
  • Soup is okay, with some potatoes.
  • Nothing too special here, especially at $26.
The lone waitress was rushing around constantly to all the tables during prime time, but still friendly and efficient!
2016-Feb-4 Morak - corn cheese

2016-Feb-4 Morak - seafood pancake

2016-Feb-4 Morak - seafood pancake  slice, potato top peeled aside

2016-Feb-4 Morak - gamjatang

2016-Feb-4 Morak - gamjatang

2016-Feb-4 Morak - ribs from gamjatang

2016-Feb-4 Morak - snacks and condiments with meal

2016-Feb-4 Morak - bowl of rice

2016-Feb-4 Morak - menu - appetizer, specialties, noodles

2016-Feb-4 Morak - menu - stew/soup, bbq, rice

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