Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Copycat KFC Recipe

Love KFC? I don't actually crave it, but to be perfectly honest, the original recipe does taste pretty good (yeah, whatevs, go gag elsewhere all you chicken-haters!).

Apparently some people really can't get enough of it and have copycat recipes!
Here's one from Food.com, by "The Spice Guru" who claims to have reverse engineered the product -- even down to using specific brands of spices!
And unfortunately he insists on using all-caps for parts of his recipe, so here it is in a more legible way:

Chicken Notes:
  • Do not double-bread chicken since it places an excess of sodium and spices onto final product and compromises authenticity (if you insist on double-breading, diffuse the breading mix first by adding a little more unseasoned flour).
  • Brining boneless chicken should be done much more quickly (no more than 45 minutes, to avoid over-saturation of salt).
  • Boneless chicken cooks much more quickly than bone-in chicken (be careful to not overcook!).
  • Frying fat notes: Always begin with fresh vegetable oil. After using let it cool. Filter, then refrigerate tightly sealed to yield 6-12 frying batches, replenishing oil as needed.
So, honestly, how many of you were not surprised yet not outright disgusted by the mention of MSG... Anyway, if you still want to try it, here is the rest of The Spice Guru's "KFC's 'Original Recipe' Chicken" copycat recipe.

Another KFC copycat isn't so big on specific brands but instead places the emphasis on MSG and a pressure fryer (critical!). For crispier chicken, they recommend Crisco instead of lard to fry it, and double-coating the chicken -- which is directly contradictory to the other recipe which insists double-breading compromises authenticity. Hmm...

For an entire cookbook of "secret recipes" used by popular restaurants and famous fast food chains of America, Click Here for America's Restaurant Recipes. So you don't have to scour the internet and hope you find the most authentic one. And yes, it includes KFC...

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